Aspire Triton Mini Temperature Control Coils (5 Pack)
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Aspire Triton Mini Temperature Control Coils (5 Pack)

A pack of 5 replacement coils for use in the Aspire Triton Mini Clearomiser. Only for use with temperature control compatible e-cig mods.

  • Nichrome Ni200 coils for temperature control
  • 100% Organic Japanese cotton wick
  • 0.15ohm resistance
  • Eliminate dry hits forever!

Temperature control coils for use with the Aspire Triton Mini Clearomiser. Featuring Ni200 wire coils and 100% organic Japanese cotton, these coils are suitable for use with the Triton Mini and any temperature control compatible mod.

With temperature control vaping you set the exact temperature on your mod to find your personal vaping sweet spot. Then sit back, relax and never worry about dry hits again.

Combine the Triton Mini clearomiser and Ni200 coils with the Aspire Quest box mod kit for a solid and reliable temperature control setup. 

Important: The Triton Mini Ni200 coils are only for use with e-cig box mods with temperature control features. Use of these coils with a non temperature control mod could damage your coil and battery. 

To buy regular non temperature control coils for the Aspire Triton Mini.

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