Aspire Nautilus 2
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Aspire Nautilus 2

Most vape products come and go in rapid succession, but the Nautilus Mini has remained a mainstay for many vapers for years. The Nautilus 2 builds on the success of its predecessor with some great new features.

  • Top fill for easy filling
  • Sub ohm compatible for bigger clouds
  • Precise/fine adjustable airflow
  • Curvy design looks great
  • Improved flavour production
  • 2ml capacity

Easier Filling

If theres one thing which does grind about the original nautilus, when compared to newer mods, its the hassle of taking off the bottom, filling round the chimney and replacing the bottom. Its all that much easier with the Nautilus 2, as you just pop off the blank casing and fill directly. Its easier, quicker, and avoids spilling e-liquid everywhere (especially handy on the move!)

Do note that you need to remove the entire black casing, not just the drip tip!

Clouds at Last

The Nautilus has always been the tank of choice for mouth to lung vapers (you know, when you inhale the vapour into your mouth first). And with higher resistance atomisers, you cant get the vapour production you can with other tanks.

Thats no longer the case! With the introduction of 0.7 sub ohm coils, you can now gets lots of vapour and blow much larger clouds. It also means its ideal for use with premium e-liquids such as Dinner Lady (wiith all Nautilus coils we would recommend no more than 70% VG.)

Shorter Chimney = Better Flavour

That doesnt mean that taste has been neglected! The shorter chimney means the vapour and air has a quicker journey to your mouth. That maximises the flavour you get from your e-liquid.

Precise AirFlow Adjustment

The Nautilus Mini 2 comes with five airflows to allow you precise control over the airiness of your vape. This means that in the same device you can open the airflow wide to create a cool, airy vape you need, or tighten it up for a warmer, tighter vape full of flavour.

Thank Goodness for O-Rings

Ever been caught with a device with a broken o-ring, but not been able to get a replacement? You wont need to worry with the Nautilus 2 - which handily comes with EIGHT o-rings. So next time an o-ring goes, you can just swap it over and carry on with your vape, without having to spend hours (and money!) sourcing another one.

Curvy But Compact

The smooth lines and curvy design of the Nautilus Mini if style is important for you. But this is also a compact tank, which will marry beautifully with smaller mods - great if you need to carry your device round in a pocket or small bag, or if you occasionally need to vape discreetly.


  • Top Fill
  • Compact yet curvy design
  • 2ml capacity
  • Precise, adjustable airflow
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