Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Tank
From: £ 4.99

Aspire Nautilus Mini Replacement Tank

A replacement clear pyrex tank for the Aspire Nautilus Mini clearomiser. Perfect if your original is cracked or broken, and saves you buying a whole new Nautilus Mini!

The Aspire Nautilus Mini replacement glass (pyrex) tank enables you to replace the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank without the need to buy a whole new clearomiser.

It comes with the same design and specifications as the original Nautilus Mini tank, and the same 2ml capacity.

To use, simply screw your Nautilus Mini top and base onto the stainless steel tank replacement and continue to use as normal. (If in doubt, check out our tutorial here).

This is a genuine Aspire product and comes with a scratch and check authenticity code.

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