The Top Ten reasons For Vaping

1: Vaping will help you quit smoking

Really. A recent report released by the Royal College of Physicians recommends that e-cigarettes be promoted to help smokers quit, for many reasons - the largest one being that vaping is 95% less toxic than smoking cigarettes. In addition, the simulation of the experience of smoking with the vapour, hand-to-mouth action and flavour make vaping a far more attractive activity than slapping on a nicotine patch or taking prescription drugs to most smokers looking to bust the habit.

2: Quitting smoking is the ultimate beauty treatment

Have you ever noticed that smokers generally look older? There’s a reason. While it may make more sense to quit smoking because of the increased chance that you’ll have a heart attack, a stroke or lung cancer, the mirror shows you the direct effects of smoking every time you notice another wrinkle or saggy skin. Smoking reduces the body’s capacity to produce collagen, which is responsible for the youthful glow of skin. It also reduces overall blood flow to the skin, and subjects your face to a cocktail of formaldehyde, tar, and more things that don’t exactly come as ingredients in the best face creams. The worst thing you’ll get from a cloud of e-cig vapour is a bit of vegetable oil residue.

3. You’ll support independent UK companies instead of Big Tobacco

It’s called “Big Tobacco” for a reason. When you are a smoker, your money goes directly into the coffers of businesses that don’t have your best interests in mind, and have lobbied governments with your money to be able to continue to peddle harmful products. If you spend your money on vaping instead of smoking, you are supporting independent businesses which put the quality and flavour of their products ahead of anything else, who are actively trying to help you kick a harmful habit.

4. Vaping is less expensive than smoking

Even if you kit yourself out with the absolute best in vaping equipment to start with, you’ll still spend far less on e-liquid to fill your tank than you would have on cigarettes. Just think of what you can do with some extra dosh.

5. All of the tasty delicious amazing flavours

There are so many flavours of e-liquid to try, in varying strengths and combinations. We have thousands of different blends and flavours to choose from. If you want to ramp down your nicotine addiction, you can choose increasingly lower nicotine strengths until you get all the way to zero, all will still enjoying a tasty vape experience.

6. You will no longer smell like disgusting

aping is completely odourless. Smoking is not. There’s a reason non-smokers prefer to date non-smokers, and it involves you and your mouth tasting and smelling like an ashtray. Your house, car and clothes will instantly be more attractive and cleaner - after you clean out all of the odiferous remnants of your smoking life, of course.

7. You can still take a “vape break”

When you quit smoking, you can usually forget about your mates in smoker’s corner at work and outside the pub. Not so with vaping! You can still get outside to get a blast of tasty smoke and a few minutes of peace.

8. Vaping is fun

Have a hobby, not an addiction. Because that’s what vaping can be - a hobby. You can mod your equipment to get yourself kitted out with just the right setup, try endless eliquid flavours, learn to blow cool vape rings, and hang out with the most awesome people in the world - other vapers. Or, if you don’t want to take the time to take on all the different aspects of vaping, you can just pick up a simple vape pen and find an eliquid you like and stick with that. You can do as much - or as little - with vaping as you like. But you certainly can’t do the same stuff if you stick with smoking.

9. You still get relief from stress

No point in sugar-coating anything - one of the main reasons vapers be vaping is the nicotine fix. While you always have the option to ramp it down, moving from smoking to vaping still allows you to get the stress relief and fix that you get from nicotine, which is technically what addicts you to cigarettes. There’s nothing noble about quitting “cold turkey”, despite what your one friend or family member who managed it told you. In fact, you are much more likely to start up smoking again if you go that route.

10. You don’t have to take pharmaceuticals

One thing you probably don’t need in your life is more medication. Most smoking cessation drugs started their careers as antidepressants or antianxiety medications. If you don’t have depression or anxiety, why pop the pills that are meant for that purpose? While most people justify the possible side effects with the fact that they are using the drugs to avoid the harmful effects of smoking, why have any side effects at all when you can vape instead. There’s just no point.