Nautilus X 4ml Adapter Kit
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Nautilus X 4ml Adapter Kit

Want to enjoy the great quality of the Nautilus X, but with more capacity? This 4ml extender means you can keep on vaping without having to continually refill your tank.

  • Double your tank capacity.
  • Tank glass also fits the Aspire Cleito.

The Aspire Nautilus X is the long awaited successor to the hugely popular Nautilus. Capacity, though, is limited to 2ml - at least it has been until now! The Nautilus 4ml extender allows you to double the capacity of your tank, meaning less fiddly refilling and more vaping time!

How does it work?

Unscrew the top of the tank, as if to refill e-liquid. (Make sure your tank is empty before doing this!) Remove the glass, then use the threaded piece of metal supplied with the extender kit, and screw this to the top of the coil. Ensure that the black o-ring/seal of the extender piece is facing up. Replace the 4ml glass.

Did you know?

Glass extender is the same size as the Aspire Cleito tank, and can also function as a replacement tank for the Cleito.

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